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Google and Stella McCartney together for eco-responsible fashion

Suits in eco-sustainable fibers

With a view to sustainable fashion, the English designer is developing with Google a tool that is attentive to the needs of the fashion sector.

One of the most heartfelt and ultimate goals of the fashion world is currently to work in a meaningful way so that the terms green and fashion can coexist peacefully: for sustainable fashion not only do consumers need, and many already do, continue to embrace conscious purchasing habits, but even those who work in the sector must be personally oriented and guided. Everyone wants to participate and do their little bit, and British designer Stella McCartney has always been one of the first.

Stella McCartney and Google, together for a tool that guides towards sustainable fashion

Stella McCartney , the beloved British designer, has decided to involve Google in this green mission, which together with the Textile Exchange program and the NGO WWF is working on the development of a digital tool called the Global Fiber Impact Explorer (GFIE) . At the center therefore is the choice of fibers , to help the sector from the moment of supply to be aware of the types of materials, differences and polluting risks, thus becoming eco-responsible starting from the supply chain.

Following the British designer in the development and consolidation of this project, also brands such as H&M, Adidas and VS Corporation, companies that in their own small way have begun to introduce products made with sustainable materials into their collections.

Google in a post on its blog summarized how this search tool can be significantly oriented for those who work in the fashion sector, since the fashion industry is one of the main culprits of the global climate and environmental crisis , since it generates the 8% of greenhouse gas emissions in the world, especially in the material supply phase. However, when fashion companies purchase their raw materials, they are only partially and sometimes even unable to predict their environmental impact. And it is to fill this gap that Google is working with Stella McCartney.

The goals of Global Fiber Impact Explorer: to classify eco-responsible fibers

Google has been working on the project for two years. The goal is to allow all companies in the fashion sector to have a tool that provides all the necessary information in order to make decisions having a clear picture of the environmental impact of each production.

The first version of the GFIE uses Google Earth and Google Cloud, focusing on the environmental risk assessment of different fibers based on different pollution factors : air pollution, biodiversity, gas emissions, impact on forests and water consumption. In this way, every fiber, natural, cellulose and synthetic materials, should correspond to an environmental risk.

The participation of WWF in the development of this tool is also linked to the need to integrate a more in-depth risk analysis to the tool, while Textile Exchange will take care of the management and official launch of 2022, being a non-profit association that promotes the use of eco-responsible fibers.

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