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Babylon: the British app that examines the patient and makes the diagnosis!

Great Britain has an App that examines the patient and makes the diagnosis!

In Great Britain, there is an app that can examine the patient! It is a medical service based on artificial intelligence!

In the United Kingdom, university students invented an app that examines patients in total autonomy and screens their health status. It is a health service under testing, based on the assistance given by the artificial intelligence. However, not all the experts agree on it.

194 countries of the World Health Organization (WHO) stated  that technology will mark a new stage in the health sector. Actually, technology is having a fundamental role in this area, effectively helping the doctors. Let’s find out how this app works.

The first app that examines the patient and makes a general health screen!

The app creator stated: “Through digital and other technologies, we will allow individuals and communities to identify their health needs, participate in the planning and provision of services and play an active role in keeping their own health and well-being“.

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The app is called Babylon. It is a “GP at Hand“, that is  a family doctor at hand which can virtually examine the patient. Moreover, artificial intelligence algorithms support it. But how does this app work? The patient connects and says his/her symptoms, and the Babylon, thanks to its algorithms, starts to make a progressive and hypothetical diagnosis. Basically, it’s like an Emergency Room triage.

During 2018, the app virtually examined 300 thousand patients, but only 50% of the results were reliable. This means that only half of the people who used the Babylon had the correct diagnosis. This is not the only artificial intelligence health app: in fact, recently it was developed an app for people suffering from multiple sclerosis which helps them to live better..

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