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Great mixed fried meat Florentine style: a dish for a king

Mixed fried Florentine style

This triumph of cuisine is the symbol of Tuscan cuisine. Let’s find out all the secrets to prepare Florentine mixed fried food.

When you think of mixed fried food, the first thought goes to fish and yet there is an equally good but less known recipe that is worth trying. We are talking about the Florentine mixed fry, a typical Tuscan dish of very ancient origins prepared with different cuts of veal.

Although today there is a tendency to trivialize this typical product by preparing it with veal stew or even worse with chicken, we want to give you the original recipe so that such an important tradition is not lost. Of course, getting sweetbreads, liver, heart, brains and kidneys is not that simple but if you succeed, by adding some vegetables you will get a superlative frying!

Mixed fried Florentine style
Mixed fried Florentine style

How to prepare the recipe for Florentine mixed fried food

  1. The preparation is not complex but requires a minimum of organization . First, soak the backrests in cold water for an hour. In the meantime, blanch the brains for a few minutes, drain and cut them into chunks. Do the same thing with the sweetbreads, heart and liver by leaving them in water for 7 minutes before cutting them into 1cm slices.
  2. Blanch the backs too, then remove the membrane and cut them into chunks.
  3. Prepare three dishes by putting flour, beaten eggs and breadcrumbs in each.
  4. Melt abundant butter in a pan and start frying all the ingredients after passing them in the flour, egg and breadcrumbs.
  5. As for the vegetables , on the other hand, cut the courgettes into sticks as well as the carrots and cut the cauliflower into florets.
  6. Pass them in flour and then fry them in seed oil until golden and crunchy.
  7. Drain all the fried foods with a slotted spoon as they are ready and serve them completing just with a pinch of salt.

If you are looking for another simple recipe to bring to the table then we advise you to try the Florentine steak recipe. It is truly amazing!


As with all fried foods, even the mixed Florentine one should be consumed as soon as it is done.

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