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Green diet: how to lose weight in two weeks

Green diet

The green diet is ideal for those who want to lose weight quickly by eating in a healthy and balanced way: let’s find out what it consists of.

As summer approaches, the thought of the costume test anguishes us and the energy to face a traditional low-calorie diet discourages us. Of course, the pounds to lose shows us the balance, it is not we who determine how much we have to lose weight, but a competent dietician or nutritionist. Sometimes, however, we happen to put on a few extra pounds during the winter, which we want to take off before summer without necessarily having to resort to a specialist.

There are many diets suitable for the disposal of a few pounds before the costume test, from the fat flush that acts on the purification of the liver, to the Cram diet that intervenes directly on our intestines. In the last year, however, no interesting studies have been carried out on the green diet already present in the field of nutrition for a long time. In fact, the purifying and preventive aspects for the organism and the surprising ethical and eco-sustainable return that has always been underestimated have been investigated on the latter.

Green diet
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Indications and duration of the green diet

This revolutionary and eco-sustainable diet helps to lose about 3 kg in a week , depending on the actual kg of excess, which if they are not actually there, will not make the needle go down so easily. We can follow this diet for up to two weeks : exceeding this schedule would call into question our health, causing potential dangerous nutrient deficiencies.

The green diet consists mainly of a vegetable diet, with the occasional consumption of eggs and dairy products not excessively high in fat. A totally vegetarian regime therefore, rich in vitamins and minerals. A purifying and regenerating diet ideal for detoxifying the liver and intestines. We will also prevent cardiovascular problems and keep cholesterol levels under close control, facilitating diuresis and hindering the formation of cellulite.

Completely removing the meat from our tables for 15 days is also a healthy gesture from an ecological point of view. As we now know from various official forms of information, meat farms are often the main responsible for environmental pollution and deriving from the food market. If we all cleaned our bodies in rotation with a green diet, even the planet would benefit.

Food and drinks indicated

We are faced with a truly varied diet and with multiple choices. According to our personal tastes, in fact, we can choose which fruit and which vegetable to eat. However, we always take into account the correct balance of proteins, sugars and fats. Let’s see together several options for each meal to be consumed throughout the day.


All breakfasts can be accompanied by unsweetened green tea or bitter coffee : – Low-fat yogurt, two rusks with a teaspoon of jam with no added sugar. – A bowl of fruit salad with seasonal fruit, 30 g of cereals. – Carrot and orange juice, corn flakes and low-fat yogurt. – A banana blended with an orange.


The main nutrient will be the associated carbohydrates in different ways: – 70 g of wholemeal pasta topped with fresh cherry tomatoes and a teaspoon of EV oil, grilled vegetables with spices and lemon or balsamic vinegar. – 70g of white rice accompanied by steamed cabbage, broccoli or Brussels sprouts and one fruit to taste. – 70g of basmati rice accompanied by steamed cabbage, broccoli or Brussels sprouts and a fruit of your choice. – 80 g of boiled and cooled spelled or barley , seasoned with olives, basil, tomato and diced mozzarella seasoned with a teaspoon of EV oil. – Grilled vegetables accompanied by quinoa salad, tomatoes, olives and basil, seasoned with a teaspoon of EV oil .


During dinner we will lower carbohydrates by increasing proteins : – Vegetable minestrone , with legumes and vegetables, a spoonful of Parmesan cheese and 30 g of wholemeal bread baked in the oven. – Cream of spinach and leek carrots, wholemeal bread croutons, steamed spinach. – Onion soup with gruyere and whole wheat bread croutons accompanied by fennel or red chard and parmesan salad. – Pinzimonio of peppers, spring onions, Jerusalem artichoke, celery, fennel, radishes, carrots and cabbage leaves, EV oil and zucchini omelette.

The distance between one meal and another can always be interspersed with a seasonal fruit. Raw vegetables such as carrots, celery and fennel without seasoning are also an excellent alternative for breaking hunger.

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