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Groin pain: natural remedies and DIY exercises

Groin pain: natural remedies and DIY exercises

Groin pain: the best natural remedies to treat the inflammation and mild stretching exercises to loosen the muscle.

A wrong movement or exercises  can cause a sharp groin pain. This inflammation must be treated immediately, otherwise you risk to worsen it. A muscle strain should not be ignored. It is important to see a doctor for proper care. Also, it is essential to stop the physical activity and rest.

Grandma’s old remedies can be used along with the doctor’s ones, as they bring greater relief. Let’s see what are the natural products you can use at home to calm groin pains and reduce inflammation.

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Groin pain: natural remedies

You can massage aloe vera on the sore area. The massage will also stimulate blood circulation and relax the muscle. Light, not-too strong movements will help you, otherwise you risk to worsen the situation.

Arnica is also very good. Thanks to its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, it gives immediate relief to the sore area. You can buy this remedy at the herbaist’s shop as an ointment and apply it directly on the affected area.

Savoy cabbage compresses are very efficient. How can you make it? Just blanch one or two leaves, let cool and then put them on the sore area for 30 minutes. The leaves will absorb the inflammation and the tension caused by the pain, giving an immediate relieving feeling.

Nettle or sage compresses are good, too. The procedure is similar to the Savoy cabbage leaves, but in this case you just need to directly apply nettle on your groin. Instead, if you want to use sage, boil two tablespoons of its leaves in a liter of water for ten minutes. When it cools down, apply them on the sore area.

Exercises for groin pain

Some exercises can help you reduce the muscle contraction and improve the muscle tone. Very often, pain slows your movements leading to muscle numbness. Stretching is very good to avoid this situation.

Sit on the ground, bend one leg back and stretch one forward. Then, with gentle movements, try and tap with your fingers the tip of your foot.

You can also do a milder exercise while sitting. Stretch your legs forward and raise your arms. You will feel a slight tension between your thigh and groin. Try to keep this position for a minute. After that, stand up and bend forward, forming a 90° angle.

Be careful when you do these exercises and, if you suffer from groin pain, always ask for your doctor’s advice.

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