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Gucci + Balenciaga: The Hacker Project collection is in boutiques, available for preview

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From the Aria fashion show, the Gucci Balenciaga collection is already available for purchase: here are the preview items and accessories.

April 2021 for Gucci marked a very special milestone, indeed we could say that this year was the consecration of a work that the brand directed by Alessandro Michele has started and continued successfully for a few years, completely revising the entire communication of the maison, starting from the social one. With its 100 years, Gucci also celebrated the joy of contamination, with a collection hacked by Balenciaga. The shadow of Tom Ford and the irreverence of Demna Gvasalia have thus given life to Gucci’s spring / summer 2022 , and surprisingly, some pieces of the collection are already available in boutiques and online.

Balenciaga x Gucci and vice versa: The Hacker Project at the start, in preview

If someone like Dior still turns up their noses at the idea of ​​mixing style and logo of one house with the other, an invitation that by Gucci and Balenciaga was welcomed with great enthusiasm by Donatella Versace and Fendi with their Fendace fashion show, there is it must be said that the public seems to appreciate this mix and match . To keep up the hype of a summer season collection, Gucci and Balenciaga have decided to shock their audience.

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In fact, in November, Balenciaga’s windows were literally smeared with black by the Gucci writing on the windows, a clear message – inspired by the street artist Kidult, known for having covered Balenciaga’s windows in 2019 with Merry Crysis in black. – to tell the public that part of The Hacker Project collection, where Balenciaga dresses in Gucci, which in turn dresses in Balenciaga, is already in boutiques and we also add online.

The Hacker Project collection is online: the garments and accessories already available for purchase

On the Gucci website , The Hacker Project collection has been defined as a hybrid universe of ideas that explores the concepts of authenticity and appropriation, where the stylistic codes of Gucci and Balenciaga come together to create a one-of-a-kind collection. Iconic Gucci garments and the new floral collection are invaded by Balenciaga logos and symbols in a glam and chic style , also offering limited editions of designer bags, some of which can only be purchased online.

Gucci Balenciaga bag
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Also on the Balenciaga website there is a section dedicated to The Hacker Project , with a space entirely dedicated to clothing and accessories for spring 2022 : in fact, the two-tone Gucci is covered with the Balenciaga logo, enhancing a collection that, compared to that of Gucci, presents a casual sporty style where caps, jackets and padded vests are the masters.

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