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Guidelines for a marinated salmon and the basic recipe with vinegar!

Marinated salmon

Craving fish but don’t know how to make marinated salmon? Here are some tips and a basic recipe that involves the use of vinegar.

Marinating is a very old practice, used in the kitchen for several centuries. Through this method we can flavor, soften and – above all – preserve a food, to enjoy it on several occasions. Among the many products that can be subjected to this treatment, there is fish. Today, we focus on preparing fresh marinated salmon. To add flavor to this ingredient, we can use a variety of elements. In any case, the process is always quick and easy .

Marinated salmon
Marinated salmon

How to make marinated salmon

Implementing this preparation in your kitchen is really a breeze. Before you start, you need to get some quality fish. If it’s not clean, think about it and then freeze it . Freezing is important, as it allows you to kill any bacteria still contained in the fish’s flesh. Plus, if it’s semi-frozen, cutting it into thin slices is much easier .

Once you have cut the food, just put it in a bowl with salt and pepper, to your liking. At this point, comes the most important step about how to marinate salmon. Cover the meat completely with the ingredient chosen for the marinade. The most used is vinegar , which can be apple or balsamic. If you choose a simple one, you can create an emulsion by adding a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice . To give an even more innovative taste to the dish, you can also use soy sauce .

After letting it marinate for a few hours, just drain and wash the salmon to remove excess liquid. Put it on a serving dish and season it to your liking.

Preparation of the recipe for marinated salmon

Marinated salmon
Marinated salmon
  1. If necessary, clean and run the piece of salmon under running water to wash it.
  2. We advise you to freeze it for at least 1 day to eliminate any bacteria.
  3. When you are ready to make the recipe, take the fish and let it defrost a little (but not completely).
  4. This way, it is easier to cut the meat into very thin slices .
  5. After they have thawed completely, arrange the slices in a large-bottomed bowl.
  6. Season with fine salt and, if you want, with pepper to your liking.
  7. Cover completely with the white wine vinegar and add the lemon juice .
  8. Let it rest for 5 hours .
  9. After this time, drain and wash the slices to remove excess liquid.
  10. Place on a serving dish and season with parsley, garlic and pink pepper, or whatever you prefer.


In a few steps, the marinated salmon becomes a delicious dish and to be presented in many ways. You can keep it for up to 2-3 days in the fridge , in a bowl and covered with oil.

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