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Gyros: the Greek kebab with pork and yogurt sauce

Gyros: the Greek kebab with pork and yogurt sauce

The gyros pita is stuffed with pork and tzatziki sauce. You can easily prepare it at home!

The gyros pita is a Greek dish, very similar to the Turkish kebab. However, the first one is stuffed with pork, while the latter with chicken, lamb or beef. In order to make it tastier, you can add vegetables, such as tomatoes, onions or lettuce.

Pita is the bread that wraps the ingredients, while gyros is the Greek name for the meat. Making this food at home is very easy! Here the original recipe you can copy or modify.

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Tzatziki sauce to season your gyros pita

This sauce is very easy to make. You just need 400gr of Greek yogurt, a cucumber, oil and garlic.

Wash and grate a cucumber without peeling it. Put it in a small colander and let it drain for at least one hour. In the meanwhile, mince the garlic, then mix it with the Greek yogurt and the grated cucumber. Finish with a drizzle of oil and vinegar. Add salt to taste and some minced dill.

Pita gyros: the original recipe, easy and quick

Start by frying some potatoes, add salt and then put them aside, keeping them warm. Cut the pork in strips with a very sharp knife or with scissors. Cook the meat in a non-stick pan with some olive oil, salt and pepper, until they are crunchy but not too much cooked. You can also bake them.

Then, heat the pita up in a pan, for about 2 minutes. Spread some tzatziki sauce on it, add some lettuce, tomatoes slices, the meat and the fries. Gyros pita is perfect to eat in summer, on the seaside. You can also prepare it for your pic-nics.

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