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Hair contouring: change your face by changing the way you apply color

woman color hair

Hair contouring is an innovative way to give your face a new look. Find out what it is and how to make it to always look your best.

Hair contouring, or hair contouring, is a kind of extension of the best known contouring applied to make-up. It is in fact a question of coloring the hair in order to make the face more harmonious. How? Simply playing with lights and shadows in order to camouflage shape defects and at the same time highlight the strengths. A technique that must be repeated often but which, if well done, can give new light to the face, significantly improving its appearance. So let’s find out how it works and how it is done based on the shapes of the face.

Contouring hair according to the shape of the face

When it comes to face shape it is good to understand that everyone has different needs and that these can sometimes go beyond personal tastes. To get a good effect it is therefore important to learn to understand what is most useful for us and which can allow us to make the most of ourselves.

woman color hair
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The countouring hair on a round face , for example, will have to concentrate lighter tones in the upper part and at the base of the hair. In this way you will play with the shadows along its entire length so as to exhaust it and make it slightly more elongated.

On the contrary, those with a long face will have to opt for a dark base and plays of light on the sides of the face and in the neck area. For the marked lines then, the colors dark will be alternated with lighter and brighter locks, which will help soften the most visible defects and make the face more harmonious.

Finally, those with an oval face , as in the contouring make-up, can choose the technique they prefer, having the good fortune to boast a face with few imperfections and therefore easy to improve with color.

The color to choose for a good hair contouring

To achieve a good contouring you need to choose a hair color that goes well with the complexion and that is useful according to the effect you want to achieve. If we talk about contouring on blonde hair , in fact, we get to the heart of a fairly simple game of chiaroscuro to make.

However, things change for the contouring on brown hair . In fact, the dark color can lengthen a face that is too round and camouflage some defects, at the same time, however, it can highlight others.

To be on the safe side it is therefore good to do an analysis of your face shape before choosing any colors or shades. And in doing so, it can be useful to remember that dark colors tend to stretch while light ones give light and soften the shapes. Finally, the cut and fold should never be underestimated, indispensable to give greater prominence to the color and able themselves to enhance faces and correct any defects.

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