The latest social media trend is styling your hair with the hair dryer and a plastic bottle. But is it safe?

What do a hair dryer and a bottle have in common? Apparently nothing, but on social medias many people have already tried to style their hair using them, posting photos and video.

However, beauty influencers do not like it and said it is a dangerous practice. In addition, it could seriously damage your hair, ruining it irreparably.

Hair dryer and a bottle: the new social media hack to style your hair!

According to this new trend, to have perfect wavy hair you need to use a plastic bottle with a slit on its side. Cut the upper part of the bottle and put your hair inside, then insert the hair dryer nozzle inside the slit. In this way, you will create wonderful waves.

The idea reminds the Dyson hair dryer mode of operation, but it is cheaper. Actually, this new trend is more risky. The thin plastic could melt and burn your fingers and your hair.

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We know there are already a lot of beauty tools, working in the same way, to obtain this hairstyle. However, social medias often share tutorials and hacks which might be wrong. Beauty experts have rejected this new trend, because it is dangerous and harmful for your hair.

Just think about what would happen if the plastic bottle starts to melt and your hair is inside. Using these two items together could be disastrous.

Beauty trends come very often from Korea and this new trend did, too. Experts suggest to stick to classical methods and professional products to have healthy hair.

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