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Hair fall: natural remedies and the diet to follow

SOS hair fall: natural remedies and the diet to follow

Does your hair fall? Find out how to strengthen it and make it shiny and silky with DIY, 100% natural remedies!

Hair fall is quite common, both in men and women. People with long hair can lose a lot of it, especially after having washed or brushed it. Instead, if you prefer a short style, the risk is to have holes.

People with thick hair can mask the problem, but those with fine hair will immediately notice the difference. In order to avoid feeling uncomfortable, here there is a list of grandma’s old methods to solve this problem!

Hair fall: natural remedies

If you have fragile hair, you must try cornstarch and honey: their combined action is amazing! Together, these two ingredients will deeply nourish your hair, promoting a healthier growth. You will notice a thicker head!

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How to prepare this magic mix? Boil half a cup of water, then add one spoon of cornstarch and one of honey. Mix at low heat, until homogeneous. When cooled down, apply from half of your hair to the ends, then leave for 20 minutes. Repeat once a week.

The right diet to follow

In order to have efficient and long-lasting benefits, it is fundamental to follow the right diet. For this reason, iron and copper are two fundamental elements to have strong and healthy hair.

Iron is highly contained in meat, legumes, seafood and potatoes. Foods rich in copper are, for example, shellfish, walnuts, salmon, avocado, barley and oat.

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