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Hair health: how to take care of it with CBD

hair health

Every morning we get up and go to the bedroom or bathroom mirror, in order to prepare ourselves in the best possible way to face the commitments of the daily routine.

The image we see reflected is our main business card, which we spend in moments of socializing and in general when we are in company but also in the workplace. The perception of ourselves is very important, especially in this modern age, as it directly affects our level of self-esteem. We always want to respond to certain standards, especially for everything related to the skin and eyes but above all our hair .

hair health

The importance of setting up a correct beauty routine

Nobody likes feeling uncomfortable because of too dry or dull hair, each of us would rather have a hair that is always shiny and flowing: beautiful to show off or style. The signs and white or silver streaks around the face are banned, plus there is a further very strong fear linked to the passing of time or that related to falling hair . Setting up a correct hair beauty routine is important and if a definitive solution to the transversal problem of falling hair has not yet been found, it will be correct to say that the benefits of CBD can be used to slow down the annoying process. Doing so will also improve the overall health of the canopy. A few clicks on the internet will be enough to take action, since there is no shortage of specialist platforms (the demand is in fact ever increasing). The best thing to do will be to turn to established brands and, for example, buy CBD online at Pura . But how does cannabidiol work? Let’s see it together in this in-depth analysis.

The properties of CBD in case of falling hair

Using Cbd-based products to combat hair loss means making the most of the potential of this substance. It is in fact rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and amino acids that together give strength and vigor to our hair. Furthermore, hemp oil is perfectly able to act by stimulating the production of oily substances that act as a shield and protection for the scalp . Fatty acids in particular stimulate the blood supply, while amino acids are essential for the production of red blood cells (which carry oxygen to the hair follicles). The action of antioxidants, which counteract the action of free radicals, is also decisive.

The action of Cbd-based products on the hair is also of the sebum- regulating type and allows you to keep the hair always perfectly hydrated . A great classic regarding the recurring causes of hair loss is then represented by stress in the workplace . Three to five drops of CBD oil before going to sleep can help you sleep, promoting relaxation and therefore indirectly also avoiding mental tension from reverberating on our body. It is also good to avoid excessive washing , which must not be too frequent (the risk increases in the hot months of the year).

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