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Hair loss: 7 possible reasons why you should not underestimate it

Hair loss: 7 possible reasons why you should not underestimate it

It can cause distress and concern: here are the possible reasons why your hair falls! Let’s find out together which they are…

Women can grow fond to their hair and, as soon as we find some locks between our fingers, we start to worry. Actually, it is physiological to lose at least 100 hair per day. However, when the number increases, it means there is something wrong. From changes of season to iron deficiency, here are some reasons why your hair falls!

Hair loss, the causes

-Change of season. As we just mentioned, one of the most common reason why your hair falls is the change of seasons. In those periods, hair is usual in at the end of its life. Here is the reason why it falls more!

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-Stress. Excessive stress could cause hair loss. Do not underestimate it, as stress might cause more problems.

-Smoking. Maybe not everyone knows that, often, smoking is one of the reasons why  our hair falls. Smoking damages the DNA of the hair follicle. Consequently, it increases the risk of inflammation and affects hair growth. Therefore, your hair could fall earlier.

-Sunrays. Both in winter and summer we should use products to protect our hair from cold and sunrays. The latter are if very strong, may kill the bulb cells.

-Pathologies. Hair loss could be linked to a disease, even a quite serious one, such as bowel or thyroid dysfunctions.

-Hormones. A hormonal imbalance, that is a decrease in estrogen, may cause hair loss, because it would be much weaker than normal.

-Diet. Iron or vitamin D deficiencies due to incorrect diets could cause hair loss. These substances, such as proteins and zinc, are essential for giving hair energy.

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