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Hair mascara: what it is and where to buy it

Hair mascara: what it is and where to buy it

Hair mascara is the make-up product we can not live without: here’s what it is for and why it can save us!

As for our different body parts, our hair also need the right products and the right care. If you love to take care of it, surely you will want to do something when your first white hair pops up. Dying your hair is not good but, luckily, there is an alternative: hair colored mascara! It is perfect to cover white hair every time you need it. Here’s how to use it and where to buy it!

White hair mascara

Hair dye main problem is the regrowth. It is not nice seeing your white hair regrowth after 1 month. Hair mascara can be useful to cover the problem for as long as possible.

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This mascara is similar to the one for eyelashes. There are many different colors to match our hair color. It is a special product of make-up that can also create an unusual look. On the market there are different colors such as pink and blue. Therefore, in addition to cover the white hair, it can be used for a special evening.

Its use is very simple: gently wipe with the brush on your dry hair, from root to ends, and leave it dry for a few minutes. You can remove this special mascara by simply washing your hair, but do not abuse it: it may damage your skin!

Hair mascara is available in beauty shops such as Sephora, or in specialised shops. In Italy, the price is accessible to everyone, because it starts from a minimum of 5 euros.

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