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Hair needs protection during the winter: here’s what to do

Winter girl

To avoid making them weak, we must absolutely protect your hair from the cold: here are the tips to follow!

During the summer, hair needs care and attention, as high temperatures risk damaging their health. But it is not the only period in which hair requires a long eye: even in winter the hair needs certain care. Low temperatures risk making the hair very weak until it breaks , which is why you need to protect your hair from the cold.

Let’s find out what are the tips to follow to avoid brittle hair, emptied and with split ends!

How to protect hair during the winter

-Dry the hair perfectly. You don’t have to be a professional hairdresser to be able to dry your hair perfectly: perhaps it becomes more difficult to get a styling as we wish, but at least the basics we must absolutely know. To dry the hair, we must never put the hairdryer too close to the hair, otherwise we risk damaging the hair due to too high heat.

But beware: before drying, we pat, so do not rub the hair with the help of a towel. If we rub them we risk damaging the cuticles …

Winter girl
Winter girl

-Care your hair with styling products. Whether it’s summer or winter, hair needs protection: styling products must never be missing from our hair-care routine. This type of product is used to protect the hair from the heat of the hairdryer, from the outside temperature and from sudden changes in temperature. Based on the type of hair we have, we have to resort to the specific product.

-Hydrate once a week. We have ascertained that the cold weakens the hair: for this reason, we must hydrate it as much as I can. At least once a week we carry out a moisturizing mask on the whole hair that we can buy in perfumery or simply do at home. One of the most used ingredients for hair masks is avocado

-Wear a hat. If we plan to spend a day away from home, we can’t help but wear a hat. We prefer wool and avoid synthetic fibers. The latter make the hair electric.

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