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Hair removal in summer: the tips to follow for smooth and perfect skin

Hair removal

Exfoliate your skin and avoid sun exposure: here are the tips to follow for hair removal in summer!

During the summer we always try to maintain perfect skin, therefore we cannot absolutely avoid the removal of hair on the legs and on the various areas of the body that are clearly visible at the sea. Hair removal in summer, therefore, is essential but requires the right precautions since the skin may be more sensitive. Let’s find out, therefore, what are the invaluable tips to follow in order to perform hair removal in the best way!

Shave during the summer: how to do it?

First of all, if we use the razor to remove hair, we avoid doing it on the day we have to go to the beach. Contact with salt water may create small bubbles and mild skin irritation.

Hair removal
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Just to avoid this we must never forget to perform an exfoliation at least the day before depilation. So, we can also prepare a DIY scrub safely from home. To avoid ingrown hair, therefore, it is essential to exfoliate the skin every 10 days or so.

Besides sea water, exposure to the sun could also irritate the skin after depilation: therefore, we avoid sweating or exposing ourselves to the sun immediately after depilating our bodies. If we do not pay attention, spots may also develop …

Before proceeding with the hair removal, we clean and dry the skin perfectly. We avoid applying creams as they may hinder hair removal. After depilation, it is important to use a soothing product in order to hydrate the skin avoiding irritation and redness. One of the most used natural products during the summer is aloe vera. The latter is easy to find and does not have an excessively high cost.

For the most delicate areas we can also opt for a depilatory cream : it is practical to use, it does not cause pain and, above all, it can be reused more frequently even during the summer!

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