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Hair: the best color trends for autumn winter 2020

woman with blue hair

Let’s discover the latest ideas for autumn winter 2020 hair color. A way to always feel at the top and be in line with the latest trends dictated by fashion.

With the arrival of autumn, the desire to renew is stronger than ever. And what better way than to dare a little with the look ? The fall winter 2020 hair color trends come to meet us, offering us various possibilities to play with. And all to find the right color without giving up feeling in line with your style .

Blue and caramel, with the autumn-winter color you dare!

This year, the hair color fashion for fall winter 2020 is really full of options. They range from classic coppery colors to more particular shades such as, for example, caramel color .

woman with blue hair
woman with blue hair

For those who love to dare without exaggerating, the shatushes will continue to do well, perfect for keeping the natural color present, daring with a gradual coloring. The nuances allowed are so many and range from blond, to strawberry blond, to red, to copper and even to blue .

Green light also to shades of gray, to be worn in the way you prefer, playing with several shades or daring in a more decisive way. Same thing can be said for the contrasts. On very short hair it will in fact be possible to play with a blond that crosses with a darker base and everything to create a sort of split that is effective but always pleasant.

Finally, not to be missed is the contouring technique on the hair, to play with light effects specifically designed on the lengths that frame the face. A valid technique but to be repeated often, since with growth it tends to get lost.

Shatush and contrasts: the fashionable techniques of autumn winter

To get the best out of the various color effects, you can also think about the lengths. Therefore, if the contrasts go for very short hair, as already mentioned, for the shatush it is preferable to have a fairly long hair as long as the rules for long and healthy hair are followed.

Different speech should be made instead for the shades that can be made differently based on the cut and length of the hair.
In short, the possibilities are many and endless and with a little imagination it will be possible to find the one that best suits your person.

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