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Hair thinning: why it happens and what to do to avoid it

hair thinning

Hair thinning: the causes and the simplest solutions to counter the problem

Hair thinning is a problem that can be caused by several factors . These can range from advancing age, to hormonal problems or related to a diet lacking the right vitamins. In any case, it is obvious that having thinning hair is a problem . This is why it is good to learn to move about it in order to counter it in the best way (even when it happens to women).

Hair thinning: the most common causes and what to do to recognize them

When hair begins to fall out, the reasons may be different. For this reason, when the problem arises, the first thing to do is to try to understand the cause.

hair thinning
hair thinning

Generally the first thing to do for hair loss is a check of your hormonal situation possibly linked to a careful analysis of the period you are experiencing. Sometimes, in fact, even stress can lead to hair loss.

In other cases, the problem may be due to allergies that cause inflammation and therefore should be treated by first discovering the cause. The positive side is that, unless there are problems such as androgenetic baldness or situations for which the only solution is a transplant, there are several solutions that can be implemented.

Thinning hair in women: the simplest and most effective remedies

When you are faced with thinning hair, the remedies to be put into practice are different and vary according to the causes found. In case of stress, for example, it may be useful to review the diet , taking more vitamins and minerals in order to counteract the loss and slow it down.In some cases it may also be useful to integrate Omega 3 and vitamins such as A, B, C and E. Obviously, before doing so it is important to ascertain the actual need with the attending physician.

That said, constant scalp massage can help improve blood circulation. Habit to which should be added that of using healthy products with ingredients as natural as possible, so as not to weigh down hair and scalp.

Finally, contacting a trichologist for an expert opinion is always a good way to anticipate the problem.

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