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Hair wax: 5 things you must know

Hair wax: 5 things you must know

From its use to the best moment when you can use it. Here everything you need to know about this styling product!

When we talk about hair wax, we often think about man hair. However, this styling product is very common among female hair too. Hairdressers use it to create natural and crazy looks at the same time.

Hair wax is perfect to create shiny, practical and fashionable hairdos. However, before applying it you should know something! Here everything you need to know about this styling product!

Is hair wax dangerous? 5 things you need to know!

1. Hair type. Can you use this product on every type of hair? The answer is yes, you can use hair wax on both fine hair and thick hair. In fact, this product is recommended for people with fine hair, because it helps avoiding frizzy hair.

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2. How to apply it. Wax is a very specific product: if not applied in the right way can ruin your look. You need to work it and heat it with your hands before the application, so the right thing to do is soften it before using it on your hair. In order to avoid sticky hair, apply the wax with your thumb, index and middle finger.

3. When to apply it. You can use hair wax for your everyday look; moreover, it is perfect to create a wet effect, which is now very fashionable. It is very useful when it rains! Just remember to always apply this product after you dress up, not before, or you can stain your outfit and ruin your hair!

4. Your hair must be damp or dry. You should not apply this product on wet hair. Moreover, do not use it on your scalp!

5. Hair wax is dangerous only if… Wax residues must be removed, or they can cause problems, such as inflammation, itching, dandruff and scalp dryness.

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