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Hairbrush: how to understand which one is right for you

Hairbrush: how to understand which one is right for you

From the wooden to the round one: find out how many hairbrushes exist and how to understan which one is perfect for you!

Our hair does not only require the right products and the right attention, but it also need to be combed with the right hairbrush. We can purchase many types of brushes, which are sometimes very different. Knowing the difference is key, in order to use the right one at the right time. Then, let’s find out everything about hairbrushes and when to use them!

How to choose the right hairbrush

-Flat and wide. The classic brush that surely everyone has. It is useful to comb your hair, especially when you are drying it. It is recommended mainly to people with straight hair.

Hairbrush: how to understand which one is right for you

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-Round. This type of brush is mainly used by hair stylists: you need it for a wavy or straight styling. It is not exactly simple to use it, that is why you need a professional!

-Detangling. People has been using this brush more and more lately, because you can easily carry it in your bag. It is perfect to untie tangled hair, even when we are not at home.

-Thin and long. Not everyone know about this brush: you can use it to tease your hair and give it volume!

-Oval. As for the flat one, this brush is one of the most used by women. It untangles the hair and make it soft and smooth. Be careful when you use it: it is absolutely forbidden to use it to comb wet hair, because this type of brush might make it frizzy!

Now that we know all the types of hair brushes, we must also know that hairbrushes should be cleaned every time we use it. In order to disinfect them, just dip your hairbrushes in a mix of lukewarm water and baking soda for a few minutes. Then, leave them to dry outside!

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