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Haircuts 2020: what are the must-have trends of the new year


With clean and soft lines to soften the facial features, slight scaling, measured volume and upturned tips, here are the trendiest 2020 haircuts to try!

Among the beauty trends of the moment stand out the tricks and hair looks that feature our shiny hair. In particular, the 2020 haircuts are characterized by being slightly scaled , attentive to the volume, with full ends and, sometimes, bent upwards.

In short, symmetrical yes without being too square or geometric. The final intent is to soften the facial features and soften the facial expressions. So here are the medium, long and short must-have cuts to try in the new year!

Medium and long hair to try in the new year

The perfect medium-cut hair of 2020 foresees particular attention to the volume, even in the cases of very thin and light locks. In these cases, it will be sufficient to perform a slight scaling in the right places (in the back and top and along the sides). As an ideal length it is important to get the front strands just below the collarbones to give the effect of longer hair than they are in reality.

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Long hair is instead an all-female classic that, for this new year, is worn without excessive scaling and with full and healthy tips. To achieve this, it is advisable to check them by 2 cm scarce every two months and to treat them with ad hoc products such as natural oils for hair . In addition, the recommended length is at the height of the breast or just below without overdoing it and being messy.

Short cuts 2020 and carré, what characterizes them

The short 2020 cuts are characterized by a concentration of lightness and softness of the lines . This result is obtained by removing the tips, avoiding square cuts and letting soft locks fall on the cheekbones and forehead. Only in this way will even the most masculine cuts be truly feminine and attractive!

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In addition, the yoke is back as a trendy hair look for a casual and not too short cut . It is a unstructured and non-linear or geometric headband that touches the chin and slightly exceeds the height of the ears. Everything to try for a completely new and lively mood , in line with the first months of the new year!

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