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Halloween makeup for children: the nicest choices to make in a short time

Halloween kids makeup

Find out how to make a Halloween makeup for kids in an easy and fun way. Here are the funniest and fastest ideas to get a perfect result.

With the Halloween party there are now many children who can’t wait to wear a scary costume. And as with any self-respecting costume , make-up is a very important part that, in the case of the little ones, must be done as quickly as possible in order not to bore them.

Fortunately, the choices are many and whether you already own the dress or improvise a tailor, it will take a few colors to get a good result. What matters is to always focus on products for children that are designed for their skin and, above all, hypoallergenic . So let’s see some Halloween makeup ideas for kids to choose from.

Halloween makeup for children: the skeleton

For skeleton makeup it is important to get a good white base that can be applied all over the face. Once this is done, you will have to use the black color to color the area around the eyes, the nose and the one around the lips.

kids halloween makeup
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This last area can be rendered in different ways, making the mouth more or less wide and choosing to limit yourself to sketching lines or even making the teeth . A choice that will depend on the child’s manual skills and patience.

Halloween witch makeup for kids

When it comes to Halloween, witch makeup for kids is definitely one of the most popular. To achieve it, just opt ​​for a few colors. In fact, hat and dress will do the rest.

You can then choose between green and purple to color the face and then focus on a colored lipstick. Finally, you can decide whether to leave a basic make-up, perhaps applying fake freckles or drawing bats or cobwebs on the face. The Halloween spider web trick for kids is in fact a recurring subject that can be done with ease. To do this, in fact, it is enough to use a black color and outline some lines to be joined together. You can leave the cobweb in black and white or color it inside to give it a more glamorous touch.

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