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Halloween makeup: the most popular choices to be made quickly

halloween makeup

Find out how to make a Halloween makeup that is compelling, stylish and at the same time simple to make. The secrets for a perfect result.

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st and the makeup to use on that day is always one of the most sought after themes. After all, to make a disguise well, there is nothing better than a make-up made as a work of art. This is why we will try to understand which are the trendiest ones and how to make them easily.

For the Halloween party there are different types of make up that you can choose and that, if done with care, can help you get into the role and make the best of the chosen character. They range from the classic witch makeup for Halloween that can be done in different ways and according to the dress you have chosen to wear, to vampire halloween makeup. In any case, what matters most is to have fun and find the make-up that makes you feel more at ease

halloween makeup
halloween makeup

Halloween witch makeup

If you are not exactly good at wearing makeup or if you want to get a good result in a short time, the solutions are still different and all at your fingertips. For a convincing witch make-up you can in fact focus everything on the sexy witch by simply loading the classic make-up a little more, perhaps staying on darker tones and exaggerating with the lipstick . A suitable wig and hat will do the rest, obviously together with the dress.

Vampire Halloween makeup

As for vampire makeup, you can play on a simple Halloween makeup here too.

vampire makeup
vampire makeup

In fact, you can use a powder to make the face pale (in this case you must also make up the neck) and eyeliner to load the eye area well. All this obviously taking care to apply the eyeliner correctly. A nice lipstick and the inevitable vampire teeth will complete it all.

Zombie makeup for Halloween

Finally, for a zombie make-up, just play with colors starting with a white base on which to apply other colors such as purple or green to give the effect of bruises and bruises. With a black eyeshadow , you can create deep dark circles and play with chiaroscuro on the cheeks to make them hollow. Then veins made with green color and a very dark lipstick on the lips will suffice and the result is guaranteed.

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