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Halloween nails: the simplest and funniest choices to choose from

halloween nails

Find out how to make Halloween nails that are easy and at the same time perfect for celebrating the scariest holiday of the year. Colors and patterns to choose from.

Halloween has always been a party for which the focus is on make-up and nail art, essential to feel in the right mood and to show off colors and patterns that are difficult to wear during the rest of the year. So let’s find out how to make nails for Halloween that are perfect and that, while requiring little time, are able to guarantee an excellent final result, the one that combined with the right makeup and dress will give an extra touch.

Halloween black and orange nails: the most suitable colors

When it comes to Halloween, you must always focus on color. And, as you can imagine, the most popular are black and orange . To have the best nails, you can choose between different options ranging from easy Halloween nails to more sophisticated ones.

halloween nails
halloween nails

For those who want to get a good result without any effort, there are for example decorations to be applied on the nails in order to immediately have the desired effect. There are several on the market. The most loved subjects are obviously bats, skeletons, ghosts , pumpkins and many more. Alternatively, you can equip yourself with colored enamels and start making the designs you prefer.

Halloween pumpkin nails

Needless to say, on Halloween the undisputed stars are the pumpkins.
In order to show off perfect nails, you need black and orange nail polishes. If you want, however, you can also range on similar colors such as peach and purple.

As for the subject, you can choose whether to make only a small pumpkin on the ring finger, leaving the rest of the nails simply tinged with orange, or to repeat the design on all the nails.

To make the pumpkin, after applying a transparent polish , just apply a peach, purple or color base of your choice, and draw the contours of a pumpkin with a black nail marker . Once this is done, we will go to color the pumpkin and, once dry, we will move on to the details, drawing eyes, mouth and everything you want and are able to achieve. After all, Halloween is the perfect party to be daring!

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