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It is everywhere on Instagram: the halo makeup is the glam variant of the smokey eyes, but super colorful. Here how to create it!

Instagram beauty lovers are going crazy for the halo makeup: a lot of stars and influencers love it! It is a variant of the classic smokey eyes look, but done by using more colors.

This style is perfect for the day or to give light during the spring nights! Moreover, it is really easy to do at home, by yourselves! Let’s find out everything about this new look and how to do it!

Halo makeup: the perfect look for spring and summer 2019!

Stars are wearing this makeup all the time: everyone wants to copy their look, which colors their eyelids with shimmer shades! This makeup is a classic smokey eyes, but it is even shinier thanks to glittery powders placed at the center of the eyelid.

The beautiful Kristen Stewart wore this makeup on catwalks. On her eyes, she had a classic black smokey eyes, but then a touch of silver powder was added in the inner part of her eyes.

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/catart.bycatu/

You can also use different colors for this look, just like Jade Pettyjohn did. Her makeup was a shocking pink smokey eyes, but the center of her eyelid was shinier, thanks to yellow and golden powders.

This makeup is very elegant also inpeach shades and shiny white powders to give light. Or you can also use cold shades, for example with green and blue, using silver, white, on lighter shades to give light to makeup.

What about the rest of your face makeup? It is nude: create a base with the some color of your complexion, then add a touch of blush. We suggest to not apply any lipstick, because your eyes won’t be pass unnoticed! If you can do without any lip product, just apply a gloss or a peach lipstick.

Remember to finish your eye makeup with a lot of mascara!

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/catart.bycatu/

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