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Halo Smile Kit: sixty dollars for the perfect smile

Teeth - smile

Do you want to have white teeth? An American whitening kit gives you a perfect smile, but only for twenty-four hours.

Having shiny white teeth can be a great business card. Unfortunately, few people can boast a perfect smile . There are those who have yellow teeth for smoking or excess sugar, those stained for too many glasses of wine and too many cups of coffee .

In today’s article we will discover the Halo Smile Kit . It is a kind of make-up for your teeth: it allows you to have a perfect smile but the effect wears off after twenty four hours . In addition, we will see how to combat yellowing of the teeth for a long-term effect.

The Halo Smile Kit

Teeth - smile
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The kit in question comes from the United States and, to describe it in simple words, it allows you to make up your teeth . The product, which can be purchased for just under $ 60 on the HaloSMILE website, contains six portions of a white paste.

This white paste should be applied to the teeth with care, as if it were enamel, thanks to the use of a special brush. At the end of the process, the paste will be sealed with a layer of transparent top coat.

White teeth for twenty-four hours

The final effect will be a shining smile, but don’t deceive yourself: the effect lasts only twenty-four hours .

In fact, the purpose of the Halo Smile Kit is to guarantee those who use it to have white teeth without however having curative but temporary effects . This is the reason why the make-up of the teeth was defined: exactly how makeup covers imperfections without removing them .

The positive side is that this kit does not contain any abrasive or dangerous substances for our teeth. It is in fact composed of a calcium mineral . And, as many will know, it is calcium that makes bones and teeth.

White teeth forever

Although this kit guarantees excellent effects in the short term, it is important to take care of your teeth . Only constant attention to oral hygiene will allow you to have white teeth constantly.

Remember to brush your teeth carefully after each meal and use dental floss daily. It is also important to use pharmaceutical brand toothpastes containing substances that help enamel the teeth and fight stains.

Obviously, only cleaning is not enough. For those who want a perfect smile it would be better to avoid foods with a high sugar content. Also, forget it of coffee and wine : they cause stains. Absolutely no smoke , famous for being the number one ally of yellowing teeth.

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