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Hand aging: the best remedies and treatments

Hand aging: the best remedies and treatments

Nobody likes wrinkled and spotted hands. Let’s see how to prevent and eliminate the aging signs!

Everyone worries about face wrinkles and we take care of our skin to prevent aging signs. However, we often forget that there is another part of our body that tells a lot about our age: our hands!

Having a toned and smooth face is useless if our hands are wrinkled and full of aging spots. Preventing aging with compresses and creams is fundamental, but if your hands are already wrinkled, you can resort to specific dermatological treatments, such as laser. Let’s see what to do!

Dry and wrinkled hands: how to prevent them

The first cause of premature hand aging is dryness. You need to hydrate your skin more than once a day with a moisturizer made with butters and vegetal oils, especially in case of requent washings.

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In winter, you should protect your hands with glycerol creams and wool gloves. When you use detergents, never forget to wear rubber gloves. Aging also develops with UV rays: for this reason, you should always put sunscreen on your hands, in winter too.

Finally, you need to train your hands, in order to improve the blood circulation and tone them, just like we do with the rest of our body. Moving your fingers frequently and using an antistress rubber ball are good exercises.

Hand aging: remedies and treatments

In order to renew your skin and lighten your aging spots, there are creams full of vitamin A, C and E. You can buy them at the herbalist’s shop or in a pharmacy.

A natural alternative can be lemon juice. You can use it as a compress together with olive oil. In a bowl, mix these two ingredients , then put your hands inside for about 15 minutes.

If wrinkles and spots are very evident, it is better to ask a dermatologist for a professional treatment, such as peelings, laser or cream based on retinoids.

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