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Hand pains: what they depend on and how to treat them

hand pain

Hand pain can occur for a variety of reasons that should always be investigated. Let’s find out the most common and how to solve the problem.

When you have pain in your hands, doing normal everyday activities can become really difficult due to difficulty in moving your fingers or certain areas of the hands . This is a problem that can arise for different reasons ranging from trauma to degenerative diseases. For this reason, whenever you feel pain in your hands for no reason it is advisable to make this to the doctor. Especially if the problem is frequent or long-lasting.

Hand pains: the most common causes of traumatic and pathological type

The pathologies that cause pain in the fingers and in the hands themselves are different. Among these, the best known and most common are:

hand pain
hand pain

– Carpal tunnel syndrome.
Arthrosis .
– The synovial cyst.
– Osteoarthritis.
– Simple arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
– Tenosynovitis.
– The claw finger or thumb.
– Fabry’s disease.
– Inflammation of the tissues of the hand.
– Psoriatic arthritis.
Raynaud’s syndrome .
– Tendinosis.

Obviously there may also be causes not related to pathologies and therefore of a traumatic type. In this case, we range from fractures to sprains that can also affect individual fingers.

How to heal from pain in the hands

As you can imagine from the long list of causes and diseases that can cause pain in the hands, to treat it it is necessary first of all to contact your doctor in order to find out its origin. In case of trauma or accidents, contacting the physiotherapist is usually decisive. In the case of degenerative diseases, on the other hand, there are different treatments to be implemented and which change according to the problem encountered. Of course, there are also painkillers. Their use, especially if prolonged, is however not recommended as it would become less and less over time. And all without taking care of the cause.

First, therefore, it is advisable to go to your doctor at the first sign of unmotivated or different pain than usual. Acting in time will make it easier to understand the cause, finding the right cure or therapy to soothe the pain.

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