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Hand sanitizers: the best DIY recipes

Homemade disinfectants

Washing your hands in the best way is essential to avoid the transmission of diseases: let’s discover some recipes to prepare homemade disinfectants.

You are away from home in contact with dirty surfaces or, more simply, you would like to wash your hands for hygiene reasons but you do not have access to water. How to do? There are several methods, from disposable wipes to gel disinfectants in vials.

However, the same effect can also be achieved with homemade disinfectants using natural ingredients . In today’s article we will discover some simple recipes that will allow us to replace the gel vials with DIY alternatives .

Homemade disinfectants with essential oils

A common feature of many essential oils is the ability to function as an antiseptic . For this reason, they are particularly suitable for making homemade disinfectants.

Essential oil
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As a basis for our disinfectant it is possible to use water . After placing about 100ml in a vial, you can add the other ingredients: essential oils .

A good option is to combine 10 drops of tea tree essential oil with 10 drops of bergamot and 20 drops of eucalyptus . Once the essences are mixed with water, the disinfectant is ready: the only remaining step is to shake the vial before use. As you can see, this is a very simple procedure.

Aloe vera based hand sanitizers

Although water can be used as a base for homemade disinfectants, it is often recommended to combine it with aloe vera gel . This will give the sanitizer a texture more similar to the gels on the market and make it easier to spread it on the hands.

To prepare an aloe vera hand sanitizer, simply dilute the gel with a little water, and add essential oils to the mixture.

The first recipe consists of adding to 30g of aloe vera gel , 12 drops of tea tree essential oil , 8 drops of saro essence and 12 of oregano . Once the ingredients are combined, mix everything carefully and transfer the disinfectant to a suitable container.

The second option is to combine 3 drops of lavender essential oil with 2 of eucalyptus and 2 of tea tree . What is obtained will be added to about 25g of gel (approximately two tablespoons). Then repeat the same procedure as in the previous recipe.

The latest recipe uses tea tree essential oil (15/20 drops), lavender (5 drops) and cloves (5 drops). These essences will be combined with about ten spoons of aloe vera gel. After mixing well, the disinfectant will be ready for use.

A recommendation: all the sanitizers mentioned above, as they contain essential oils, must be kept away from light .

Let’s discover thyme , an excellent natural disinfectant.

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