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Hatha yoga: how it is practiced and what are the benefits

woman doing yoga

Hatha yoga, also known as strength yoga, is a variant of yoga that aims at psychophysical well-being: let’s find out how it works.

Hatha yoga is a discipline that aims to work on the mind in order to achieve a healthy and healthy body. It is the most popular type of yoga in the world and is highly regarded for the benefits it brings from both a physical and psychological point of view. The main purpose is in fact to get in touch with one’s spirit and to control it in order to live better. The words that form it mean sun (Ha) and moon (Tha) representing the opposite energies that must come into balance through the practice of yoga.

Hatha yoga: the positions

Hatha yoga is one of the most easily practicable yoga variants, so much so that it can also be followed during pregnancy. It makes use of different positions which are more than 1000 and are divided into different phases.

woman doing yoga
woman doing yoga

The first is that of the classic sun salutation followed by static positions ( asanas ) which are performed in different ways and among which the most common are:

– The standing positions
– The lying positions
– Kneeling positions
– The sitting positions
– The inverted positions

In any case, these must be kept still, therefore they require great strength of concentration and good breath control.

The benefits of hatha yoga

As already mentioned, this discipline was born with the aim of benefiting body and mind, and has countless benefits. Among the most important are:

– Better breath control
– Greater elasticity
– Sense of relaxation
– Better posture
– More concentration
– Weight control and nervous hunger
– Alleviation of problems such as anxiety and panic attacks
– Better self-listening
– General well-being

It is therefore a useful discipline in various cases and able to improve one ‘s lifestyle . This is why it is recommended in many situations, both of physical and psychological discomfort.

Although it is a variant that, unlike Bikram yoga , can be carried out by everyone and at any age, the advice is always to first ask your doctor for an opinion, especially in the case of specific pathologies or problems.

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