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Have they bitten you now? Here are the remedies for mosquito bites and what happens when they bite

Anti-mosquito spray

Have you tried to keep them away, but have they bitten you by now? Let’s see which remedies can be useful in case of mosquito bites and what they entail.

With the arrival of summer, new insects start to appear in our homes: some are harmless, others less, and still others are just very annoying, like mosquitoes . More and more aggressive and dangerous , it is important to know both how to defend oneself and how to remedy the damage already done, run immediately for cover and not be caught unprepared in case of mosquito bites. Let’s see together the best remedies for mosquito bites and what happens when they bite!

Mosquitoes: why they bite

We need to clarify that not all mosquitoes bite. Of the species present in Italy, the only ones to bite humans to collect blood are female mosquitoes: these need the proteins present in the liquid to help the development of the eggs and, for this reason, it is essential for the survival of these annoying ones. insects.

Males, or giant mosquitoes, on the other hand, do not bite humans: they too have a mouthparts with a needle-like outgrowth, but they can only absorb the sugars they tend to take from the pollen of the flowers.

The reaction after a mosquito bite: swelling and itching

Once the female mosquito lands on the skin of humans or animals, it pierces the epidermis with its serrated “proboscis” in search of a vein from which to draw blood. During this process the mosquitoes release a liquid that can be compared to saliva, this fluid however has two functions: that of anesthetic to operate undisturbed without the victim noticing the sampling; and that of fluidifying agent in order to be able to store as much as possible in a short time.

Once the body recognizes the liquid as foreign it responds with a swelling and itchy reaction, attempting to expel the fluid. For this reason, after the mosquito bite the first reaction of the skin is to become red and swollen at the bite point.

Remedies for mosquito bites

Forget that story of the cross with the nails over the bump of the mosquito bite! The remedies to remedy the itch come mainly from nature, some by now we know them well, but others deserve to be discovered:

Toothpaste : better if it is mentholated. Just apply it on the bite and let it act on the area for about ten minutes: the feeling of freshness should relieve the itching.

Anti-mosquito spray
Anti-mosquito spray

Honey : gentle on the skin and rich in antibacterial substances, it can be effective in relieving discomfort.

Aloe : Famous for its soothing properties, aloe vera can be applied to the sting to relieve irritation. It is available both in nature (try growing it yourself on the balcony!) And for sale in practical stick applicators.

Lavender essential oil : soothes and refreshes. To be applied with the help of a cotton swab or a cotton swab.

Ice . Immediately after being stung you can try applying an ice cube to the bite, it should relieve swelling and itching, but this depends a lot on the sensitivity of the skin.

These remedies are not always effective, in fact sometimes the bites lead to real infections . In these cases it is good to go to your doctor who may prescribe an antibiotic treatment or the application of cortisone cream on the affected area.

How to keep mosquitoes away?

Since very often prevention is better than cure, if you are passionate about botany, then you can start surrounding yourself with those plants that act as real mosquito repellents . We are talking about geranium, all aromatic plants (it is useful to always have them at hand also because they could be used in the kitchen), lemongrass, calendula and lavender . They are natural, they are non-toxic and give that extra touch to our terraces as well as being valid remedies against mosquitoes in the garden !

In any case, the mosquito net never goes out of fashion, as well as the use of candles that recall the essences of the plants mentioned above.

If all this is not enough or if you simply do not have the green thumb dowry, then it is good that you rely on the classic repellents . There are many on the market: from the classic ones to the more natural ones. The alternatives range from spray applicators, to sticks, up to practical formats of wipes (comfortable to keep in your handbag).

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