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Have you ever heard of fairy oil? Its benefits will surprise you

Hand massage

Fairy oil is excellent for rediscovering harmony, enhancing femininity and relaxing mind and body thanks to the precious natural elements.

Fairy oil was born from the Magentina herbalist’s shop with the idea of ​​creating a vegan product for massaging the female body. Associated with summer, the season of fullness of vital energy is a mix of regenerating essential oils .

Every woman will love it, as it is studied to enhance its femininity and satisfy its needs. Helps stimulate circulation, feel more sensual and find inner balance. You can use it for self-massage , or during the bath. Gently massage all over the body, so as to stimulate the 4th Chakra and open the heart to new feelings.

The main ingredients are highly nutritious natural oils. The intoxicating and enveloping scent helps to stimulate the senses, to rediscover peace and serenity. When you are stressed or you need to find yourself, give yourself a massage with fairy oil and you will feel reborn.

Hand massage
Hand massage

Benefits and regenerating properties

1. The fantastic stimulating properties , given above all by lemon and cinnamon, awaken euphoria . Therefore, they help to regain good humor and inner harmony.

2. The rose and jasmine are allies of every woman’s femininity . They help to counteract PMS and to regain one’s sensuality.

3. The relaxing properties released by the mix of precious essential oils are also excellent. You will feel enveloped in a whirlwind of sensuality and sweetness, perfect for stimulating optimism .

4. Finally, it stimulates lymphatic drainage and helps fight cellulite.

Fairy oil: composition

Jasmine , with relaxing and anti-stress properties.

Ylang ylang , which has always been appreciated for its aphrodisiac power.

-The lemon , fresh and intoxicating for a purifying action.

-The cinnamon adds a pleasant note sparkling stimulant effect.

-The rose , sweet and delicate, helps to make the heart softer.

-Finally, the petit grain with purifying and relaxing properties.

Try it now for a unique experience to discover lightness and rebirth!

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