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Have you ever wondered why mosquitoes don’t bite everyone? Here is the reason


Mosquitoes: Why Do They Bite Only Some? The reason exists and science explains it to us. Let’s find out more!

Why do mosquitoes bite? Surely at least once in your life you will have asked yourself, perhaps without finding an answer . Well, if you are also one of the favorite victims of these annoying insects, then you must know that science has answered this question: Joop Van Loon, an entomologist from the Netherlands, said that the explanation is chemical , and that there are compounds which attract these insects in large quantities, causing us a series of bites that are certainly not pleasant. Let’s find out more.

Who bite mosquitoes and why

Mosquitoes bite some people, others don’t. This has always been known, but the novelty is that finally someone has managed to give an answer to this question: why?


What makes the difference would be the amount of chemical compounds produced by all the colonies of microbes that live on our skin. It is a different condition from person to person , which would lead these insects to attack those who produce a greater quantity of these compounds.

Here are the words of Joop Van Loop about it, reported by IlMessaggero : “Bacteria convert the secretions of our sweat glands into volatile compounds that are transported through the air to our olfactory system up to mosquitoes” .

In this way, through their sensory organs , mosquitoes would be able to recognize their main victims even from a distance of 50 meters. At this point, following the trail, the insect approaches and then evaluates still other variables (temperature, water vapor, etc.) although the chemical compounds remain the decisive one.

In short, if every summer you too experience the nightmare of mosquitoes, but above all if you know that you are one of the main victims , now at least you know why. You just have to discover the natural remedies against bites.

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