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Have you heard about the lemon diet? Here’s all the information about it


Find out all about the lemon diet to lose weight: its menu, benefits and side effects.

Today we talk about the lemon diet, a particular food regime to quickly lose weight. As its name suggests, it is based on the benefits of lemon juice on our body. It is a particular diet you shoudl follow just for one month, to detoxify your organism and get back in shape.

What is the lemon diet?

This very famous diet was created by Dr Martine André. Some stars, for example Beyoncé, have tried this food regime, which is based on lemon. This food purifies and cleanses the body, accelerates metabolism and allows a rapid weight loss.

Lemon has remarkable detoxifying and draining properties, other than reducing hunger. But how does this diet work?

The rules to follow are simple. The fundamental one is to regularly drink a mix of 30 cl of water, two tablespoons of maple syrup, cayenne pepper and half a lemon six times a day. 3 times after your meals, when you wake up, in the middle of the afternoon and before you go to sleep.

The lemon diet: menu

Of course, in addition to this drink there’s a menu full of low-calorie foods. You can eat seasonal vegetables, legumes, fish, meat, low-fat cheeses, eggs, low-fat yogurt, wholewheat biscuits, dried fruit, tofu, and also a smalla mount of carbohydrates, for example wholewheat pasta or bread.


The main meals are 3, with 2 snacks during the morning and afternoon. Here is a menu example:

Breakfast: low-fat yogurt / 1 fruit + lemon drink
Snack: 1 fruit
Lunch: legumes, boiled or steamed vegetables, wholewheat pasta (1, maximum 2 times a week) + lemon drink
Snack: dried fruit or 1 fruit or tea + lemon drink
Dinner: white meat, low-fat cheese, or fish with boiled vegetables + lemon drink
Before going to bed: lemon drink

Obviously you need to balance the various foods in order not to eat always the same things. However, this is a special example, and in case you’d like to follow this diet, our advice is to ask your doctor and nutritionist.

Lemon diet: side effects and benefits

As we have already said, the advantages of this diet are definitely linked to the benefits of lemon, which can cleanse our body and let us lose weight quickly.

However, this diet bears some risk. First of all, there is a sharp imbalance of the allowed foods. Moreover, there is a poor amount of sugars and carbohydrates, which can cause fatigue, weakness, poor concentration and sense of hunger.

Also, as for many fast slimming diets, once you finish following this food regime, it will be difficult to keep your results. Therefore, if you want to lose weight in a gradual and definitive way, maybe this is not the most suitable diet for you.

Finally, we must also remember that lemon juice, if used too much, can cause problems to your teeth enamel.


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