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Have you heard about the new backbone tattoos?

Have you heard about the new backbone tattoos?

Micro tattoo are not a thing anymore. Huge backbone tattoos are the new trend!

Last tattoo trend was about micro drawings, just like Chiara Ferragni’s. However, something is changing. The new trend is now huge ones, along the backbone. This news comes from social networks, especially Instagram.

The most famous stars of the world and the most followed influencer launched this trend. Get ready, because next summer we will see amazing but huge backbone tattoos! Let’s find out something more about this new fashion!

The new trend is backbone tattoos!

In the beauty and make up world, now the trend is enhancing natural beauty and elegance. It’s not the case in the tattoo world. After a period when micro tattoos were on fashion, especially if full of meaning and made on the fingers or on hidden parts of the body, now something is changing.

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Now it’s fashionable to have huge backbone tattoos that go from the neck to the buttocks. They can also have little details and deep meanings.

However, before choosing to have this kind of tattoo, just remember that the backbone is one of the most painful areas of the body. Moreover, if you will get tired of it, it will be very difficult to erase it.

This new trend comes from social networks. Some stars posted their pictures with this kind of tattoos, among which there are Lady Gaga with her La Vie en Rose tattoo and Halle Berry, with her climbing ivy.

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