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The moon diet is the new detox food regime that makes us quickly lose weight by following the lunar phases!

Thanks to the moon diet you can purify your body and lose excess weight in an easy and quick way. This food regime can make us lose even 2 kilos per day, by purifying the body and eliminating excess liquids.

It is a strict detox diet that includes fasting phases where you can just drink. In this way, you will eliminate your muffin top, reduce the swelling and eliminate water retention. let’s find out how it works!

Moon diet: how does it work?

This food regime follows the lunar phases that influence our body and the Earth. When the lunar phase starts, you need to start a 24-hours fasting phase. You cannot eat solid foods, only liquids, such as water, herbal teas or smoothies.

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After the new moon, you start with the diet and the purifying process. After the first day of fasting, you need to eat liquids for one day, such as vegetable soups and juices. In the following two days, you can start eating some foods.

The lunar phases can also control the water contained in our body. This diet purifies your body and organs such as the intestine. Moreover, it reactivates your metabolism and liver, by eliminating excess toxins. In this way, you will eliminate also cellulite and water retention.

This diet is not for everyone, because you need to avoid carbohydrates, proteins and fats. People who suffer from diabetes or high/low blood pression should not follow it. In any case, before starting any type of diet, we suggest you to ask your doctor.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/photos/luna-cielo-lunare-universo-celeste-1527501/

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