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Have you not been able to leave for your relaxing holiday? Recover the price of the air ticket thanks to Italia Rimborso

Airplane flight

Holidays are always a problem, especially in 2020. Delays, canceled flights or route accidents ruined your break? Here’s how and when to request a refund for Blue Panorama tickets.

In such a particular moment in the world and national panorama, the desire to dedicate a moment in full relaxation is perhaps one of the most requested programs for summer 2020. Finding the time and availability to book a holiday is always there, but if were things not going well? No need to worry or accumulate other stress, with Italia Rimborso you can get compensation for your airline tickets totally free of charge, but only if certain circumstances arise. Let’s see which ones and how it is good to move!

When to ask for a refund with Blue Panorama (or not)

To obtain the Blue Panorama refund, certain circumstances must arise due to a serious disservice such as cancellation of flights, a flight with a delay of more than 3 hours, overbooking (i.e. a failure to board the vehicle) and problems with baggage that concern the loss, damage or delay in delivery.

Airplane flight
Airplane flight

However, the refund must be paid by the carrier only when it is directly responsible. When the inconvenience reported by the customer is not directly caused by the airline, it will not be possible to obtain a refund: such as with adverse weather conditions , in case of collision with birds, in case of delay due to air traffic or other.

Finally, it should be emphasized that, in the event of flight cancellation due to the pandemic from COVID-19 , it will only be possible to refund the ticket and not to compensate for the money on the basis of the route booked. For a refund due to Covid, the only solution is to contact the airline.

How to obtain compensation for disservices NOT caused by Covid

First of all it is good to underline that the amount that can be obtained from the compensation is between 250 and 600 euros and a lot depends on the air route and on the expenses incurred due to the disservice of the company.

To request compensation in case of delay or cancellation of the flight you must contact the administrative office of ItaliaRimborso at 06-56548248 , sending a message via Whatsapp to 3421031477 or sending an email to .

Subsequently you will be asked to attach a front and back copy of the Identity Document, a copy of the air ticket and a summary of the disservice.

If, however, the inconvenience concerns problems with baggage (delay, damage or loss during the flight) you must complete the PIR (Property Irregularity Report) within 24 hours in the airport’s Lost & Found office. A complaint can then be filed thanks to Italia Rimborso.


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