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Healthy diet: let’s organize our kitchen!

Healthy diet: let’s organize our kitchen!

In order to follow a healthy diet, it is very important to make a shopping list and organize your kitchen.

Being on a healthier diet is possible and it’s easier than you imagine. How? Just follow some precautions, among which there is organizing your kitchen in a different way and have clear goals.

Perhaps not everyone thinks about it, but our diet is one of the factors that mostly influence people development, performance and productivity. Moreover, it has impact also on the quality of life and on the psychophysical conditions during aging.

For all these reasons, following a correct diet is fundamental to have a healthy lifestyle, with the aim of improving psychophysical wellness in the long run.

How to have the perfect kitchen

1. When you decide to change your way of cooking, the most important thing to do is to “arrange the environment”. Also remember that you can’t do without the healthy appliances like the juicer or the juice extractor. Throw away everything you don’t use and make room for what you really need.

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2. Your fridge has to be full of healthy foods: vegetables, fruits, soy, rice or almond milk and lactose-free milk and butter.

3. Your pantry also needs to be healthy. A correct diet must have legumes, cereals, wholewheat pasta and cane sugar; spices and herbs, in order to replace salt; walnuts and hazelnuts, rich in mineral salt and tryptophan for the stressful periods. Don’t forget to add flaxseeds and coriander to your salads!

4. Freezer: from savoury vegetarian pies to cooked fish, rich in Omega 3, to spelt salads. Always cook something more you can store in the freezer and thaw in case of emergency.

5. Must have: water, lemon juice and green tea. If you cannot make a fruit and vegetable smoothie, always remember to take your daily amount of mineral salts!

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