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According to a fake news, in order to survive a heart attack you just need to cough: actually, it is a dangerous practice!

On social network and on unfamiliar websites it is easy to find health advices with no scientific bases. Just like the article about the easiest way to survive a heart attack, which which has been online for at least 20 years. According to this advice, you just need to cough: however, this is a fake news than can very dangerous.

Heart attack: 10 seconds to survive

In 1999, this article appeared for the first time online, catching everyone’s attention. From that day on, tips on how to survive a heart attack just by coughing have become viral and, nowadays, they are spreading through social networks.

According to this fake news, when you have a heart attack, you only have 10 seconds before losing consciousness. A very short period of time, which sometimes may not be enough to call for help. But there would be a very simple method to resume a regular heartbeat.

It would be enough to cough vigorously and repeatedly, approximately every two seconds, with deep breaths between coughnings. According to the report, cough could regulate the heartbeat, allowing to reach the nearest hospital.

The heart attack fake news

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This is a rather dangerous fake news. Heart attacks are not always followed by a cardiac arrest and, in this case, coughing vigorously can even be fatal. Doctors from all over the world and associations for the health of the heart have categorically rejected this fake news.

There is a technique called “cough CPR”, which is used in hospitals to keep the blood flowing to the brain during a heart attack, preventing to lose consciousness. However, it should be done only in certain cases – not all heart attacks are alike – and only under strict medical supervision, because a wrong rhythm could be fatal.

Heart attack: what to do immediately

Therefore, coughing during a heart attack is a behavior which must be avoided. Rather, if you feel the first symptoms of a heart attack, there are small tricks that can help you. First of all, try to stay as calm as possible and call an ambulance.

If you are not allergic to acetylsalicylic acid, you can chew one or more aspirins (depending on the dosage) to prevent clots, as aspirin is a blood thinner.

Photo source: https://pxhere.com/it/photo/965979

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