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Heavy and swollen legs? Try the first relieving tights!

Heavy and swollen legs? Try the first relieving tights!

The first pair of tights that can relieve heavy and swollen legs is here. Find out everything about this news!

During Christmas holidays, due also to many happy hours, dinners with friends, and much more, we often feel our legs are swollen, heavy and tired. This happens also because we spend a lot of time sitting at work, or because our job forces us to stand for many hours. In order to relieve this discomfort, there were created the first tights which can reduce the swelling.

These tights are called Light Legs and you can find them various deniers, from 20 to 60, and different colors, from black to nude. They give legs lightness throughout the day and were designed and made by the well-known brands Scholl. Let’s find out together all the benefits for our health.

Stop swollen legs with anti swelling tights!

We know that because of Christmas holiday lunches and dinners, it is difficult to always feel in perfect shape. Our legs are the first part of the body affected by heaviness and swellings.

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To relieve these problems you can use these specific tights. They not only solve the problem, but they are also very beautiful. They are classic stockings you can wear comfortably under any dress and skirt.

Other than being absolutely comfortable, these tights also give a graduated compression from the ankle up to the thigh. This is possible thanks to a new technology that has been employed, called Fibre Firm.

In order to avoid swollen legs, we recommend you to drink plenty of water (at least a litre and a half a day), and to exercise, even if it is just an outdoor walk. Finally, you can choose to follow a healthy diet and the problem will disappear.

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