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Herbal remedies, the importance of a quality production chain

medical plants

Herbal remedies are natural sources of active ingredients that have their roots in ancient medical science.

They derive their effects from flowers , herbs and elements found in nature and replace conventional medicine to treat many ailments. To guarantee their therapeutic benefits is phytotherapy , which today joins pharmacology in the search for active principles of natural origin.

Despite their age, herbal products are more current today than ever. The rediscovery of natural wellbeing has made these substances extremely popular among consumers, increasingly attentive to body care and all-round health. Thanks to their natural formulas, herbal products allow to treat the body with a therapeutic action of plant origin, with a result completely free of side effects and for the benefit of well-being.

This is how plants, flowers and roots become the main allies of health, as long as they are products of high quality value, deriving from a controlled and certified supply chain . A supply chain such as that guaranteed by Phytosophy, the online herbalist whose herbal remedies follow a process entirely made in Italy. From the creation of the formula to the search for active ingredients, passing through the selection of herbs, each step enjoys precise and scrupulous control; a chain that relies on the support of trusted collaborators, in a solid and selected network.

Plants and herbs: the quality of Italian products

To make herbal remedies of national origin the best found in herbal medicine is the Italian territory, a land particularly rich in pristine mountain areas, where plants can grow following their natural botanical cycle . The harvest obtained from it, the result of the best conditions of hydration and radiation, follows the natural succession of the seasons, giving rise to a production with a limited quantity, but with more than excellent quality.

Strengthened by this principle, the products of Phytosophy are the result of the precious harvest made in some selected territories still virgin in the Alps and in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. They are free of dyes , excipients and aromas and derive their peculiarities exclusively from the plants from which they originate. In this production context, it is not uncommon to observe, even in identical products, some small inequality with varying production, an effect that reflects the nature of the ingredients, which are never the same from season to season.

The constant attention of Phytosophy to the production chain is also reflected in the study of effective formulations that always revolve around quality. A process that mainly uses artisan procedures and constant checks, from which only GMO-free products are born. These new principles of cosmetic research follow these principles, which today makes use of natural formulas, free of parabens and chemical surfactants.

medical plants
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The best herbal products online

In the digital showcase of Fitosofia it is possible to find some of the best herbal products made in Italy. Among these, the non-alcoholic supplements made with the cold ultrasound method stand out, a production process that keeps all the active ingredients extracted from plants unchanged.

In the store there is also a careful selection of untreated medicinal herbs , such as birch , effective against infections of the urinary tract, dandelion root , a cure-all for the functionality of the digestive processes, and hawthorn , ideal against anxiety, stress , hypertension and sleep disturbances. All herbs come from spontaneous growth or from organic and biodynamic agriculture, and are perfect for preparing natural herbal teas, effective against small health problems.

They are accompanied by the selection of herbal teas, essential oils and a rich line dedicated to phytocosmetics , products made in Italy both in the ingredients and in the formula carefully adhering to the strict disciplinary of organic cosmetics. In fact, on the e-store you can buy exfoliating creams , masks and gels suitable for all skin types, products that contain in their natural formulation all the phytocomplexes of the best medicinal plants.

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