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Here comes the water diet, to deflate and feel better!

High-protein diet

The water diet allows us to deflate our legs and stomach, as well as feel better. You only need to cut calories one day a week!

Summer is approaching more and more and the time has come to think about the costume test , changing our diet. The water diet arrives right now, a very popular food style on the web, which allows us to deflate , without too many sacrifices.

It is a diet not too rigid, it allows us to lose weight by consuming a liquid menu only one day a week. There are many studies that have long shown that to prevent disease it is necessary to reduce calories , at least for a few days a week. But let’s find out together how this diet works.

How does the one day water diet work?

This eating style originated in the United States , but has also become famous in Italy thanks to some stars who have decided to follow it. But how does it work? A healthy diet is followed throughout the week, without too many sacrifices, but not without mistakes. Between 1200 and 1400 calories are consumed every day.

Water diet
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Only liquid meals are consumed one day a week and do not exceed 500 calories . Solid foods are completely eliminated that day and in this way you can reactivate your metabolism and burn fat faster. You can choose which day of the week to eat only liquids, in fact it is a rather flexible diet.

What do you drink on this day? You can consume the smoothies with fresh fruits, centrifuged, juices, sugar free juices, herbal teas, green tea, coffee, soups and lots of water. In addition, spices are allowed to flavor the drinks more. While the other days the diet is balanced, based on white meat and fish, whole grains, low carbohydrates, seasonal fruit and vegetables.

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