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Here is the formula for a more eco-friendly and less expensive coffee


Getting an eco-friendly coffee at a reduced cost? Now, thanks to research conducted in America it is possible to obtain it.

Be eco-sustainable even when drinking coffee? Now it is possible. Thanks to a study conducted by a university in New Hampshire , in the United States, a mathematical model was born that allows the raw material to be used more efficiently, also reducing waste.

According to the authors of the research, for a sustainable coffee it will be enough to follow simple rules . Simple rules which, according to scholars, should improve the efficiency of coffee beans by 25%.

Eco-sustainable coffee, how do you get it?

The research , viewable in English on the CellPress website, was based on the basic parameters that influence the coffee spill. We are talking about water temperature, pressure, size of the ground beans, brewing time and quantity of coffee to be obtained at the end of the process.

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Thanks to an algorithm created by them, these data have been put in relation to each other, in order to make the process more efficient , therefore more eco-sustainable, without however altering the taste of the coffee. In fact, the goal of the research was to optimize earnings , thus making coffee more sustainable also from an economic point of view, without it being unpleasant to the taste.

The research results

After a series of experiments, the first results arrived. The first observation made by American scholars is that too fine grinding can create various problems, which prevent obtaining the eco-sustainable coffee they were looking for.

In fact, excessively ground beans lead to the accumulation of coffee in the filter . These accumulations would have more than one negative effect. First of all, they prevent water from passing, inevitably changing the final taste. Secondly, the coffee left in the filter represents a waste , far from being a friend of eco-sustainability.

What has been learned by researchers at the University of New Hampshire is therefore that, in order to obtain a better yield , as well as to avoid changes to the taste of coffee, it is advisable to use larger beans .

The researchers later decided to test this formula in some US bars: what happened confirmed the researchers’ hypotheses. Furthermore, it has been estimated that if this methodology were used in all American bars, the total annual savings would amount to over one billion euros .

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