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Here is the secret of persata, an all-Italian soup!


Directly from the Island of Elba comes the recipe for Fulvio Anselmi’s persata soup, based on eggs, bread, garlic and the special persa.

Persata is a soup whose recipe has Italian origins . A preparation rediscovered by Fulvio Anselmi , an inhabitant of the Island of Elba who, with very simple ingredients, carries on the tradition of this truly tasty preparation. The basic components are garlic, eggs, bread and oil, all genuine products and very popular in the Italian culinary tradition. The characterizing ingredient of this recipe is the persa . We are talking about a particular aromatic herb , whose flavor is very similar to that of marjoram. If you can’t find the first, in fact, you can use the second.

With very ancient origins, the recipe for this soup has been handed down over the years from generation to generation. There are many revisited versions , but today there is a truly unmissable one. The best proposal is that of Anselmi, easy and simple. If you are ready, let’s move to the kitchen!


Preparation of the recipe for the persata

  1. Before we begin, toasted slices of bread.
  2. Take a medium-sized pot and fill it with half a liter of water .
  3. Add a little salt (just enough to lightly salt it).
  4. Peel the garlic and put 5 cloves in the pot.
  5. Also add 3 tablespoons of oil and a generous bunch of persa (or marjoram ). Let it simmer for 7 minutes .
  6. After this time, add one egg at a time to the broth.
  7. Boil for two and a half minutes .
  8. On a serving dish, place the slices of bread and rub them with the garlic .
  9. Season with pepper , salt and oil . Take the eggs and place them on the bread, being careful not to break them.
  10. Finally, cover with the broth and, if you prefer, put more pepper and oil on the eggs.


The best advice is to enjoy the freshly made and hot persata soup. Alternatively, you can keep it in the fridge for up to 1 day and reheat it if necessary.

Before making this preparation, it may be useful to understand how to make a perfect bull’s-eye egg .

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