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Spring is here, it’s time to renew your beauty bag! What should you add? Pineapple serum of course, to boost your skin energy!

The weather is warmer, so you’ve definitely already started spring-cleaning everything! Well, it’s also time to renew our beauty bags! The last beauty trend we must have is the pineapple serum.

When the temperature rises and sunrays caress our skin more often, we need to take care of it more than usual: this product is the right way to do it! In this way, in summer we will have a perfect, nice, and smooth skin! Let’s find out everything we need to know about this serum.

Pineapple serum: benefits and why it’s good to use it

Pineapple is a food we should always consider in our diets, because it helps losing weight and burning fats. That’s not all: it is also amazing to take care of our skin, because it is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.

Moreover, it gives light to our skin and has an anti-spot action on our face.

So far, we have been using essential oils and citrus fruits. However, now we know we can add this amazing serum to our beauty routine. The famous brand Glow Recipe created a product with pineapple which contains all the beneficial properties of this exotic fruit. This beauty news is called Glow Recipe Pineapple-C.

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/butterfly0901/?hl=it

The packaging is very nice: it is bright yellow and reminds to a pineapple. It makes us want to eat it! The product contains 22% of pineapple juice, rich in vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids. Moreover, it contains bromelain, an enzyme which promotes skin brightness and smoothness.

The pineapple serum also contains ialuronic acid, vitamin E, aloe and chamomile extract. It has a jelly texture which the skin easily absorbs. The result is amazing: you face will look radiant, energic and neat.

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/butterfly0901/?hl=it

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