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Hiccup: 8 grandma’s old remedies to make it stop

Hiccup: 8 grandma’s old remedies to make it stop

Let’s see the possible causes of hiccup and how to make it stop with grandma’s old remedies.

If you often get hiccups, you probably already know: there is nothing more annoying, especially when it doesn’t stop! There can be many different causes, all due to digestion problems.

Let’s learn something more about the most common reasons of hiccup and about the best remedies to get rid of it.

Why do you get hiccups: causes

Let’s start with a simple question: what is a hiccup? This problem is caused by an involuntary reflection of the diaphragm. Its characteristic “hic” noise is due to quick movements of the glottis.

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Hiccup can be due to the wrong swallowing of liquids, temperature changes, a strong emotion or a too rich meal, especially if eaten too quickly. In the vast majority of cases, this problem stops after a few minutes.

However, sometimes it is more persistent and you need to do something to make it stop. Following, you will find some of the most efficient grandma’s old remedies!

How to get rid of hiccup: remedies

1. Getting scared. A sudden surprise can unsettle the vagus nerve and stop the hiccup.

2. Lemon juice. You can drink a tablespoon of lemon juice, on its own or with a little sugar: it is a very efficient grandma’s old remedy.

3. A plastic bag. It seems that breathing in a plastic bag, as if you want to inflate a balloon, helps stopping your hiccup and regulating your breathing.

4. Water. One of the most common remedies is drinking small sips of water. However, it doesn’t always work.

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5. Plug your nose. Plugging your nose and holding your breath can help regulating it and fighting the hiccup at the same time.

6. Plug your ears. As for sudden surprises, plugging your ears for at least 10 seconds also unsettles your vagus nerve.

7. Tickle your palate. Tickling the soft part of your palate with the tip of your tongue is an efficient remedy to stop the hiccup.

8. Diaphragmatic breathing. Finally, in order to stop the diaphragm contractions, it is important to breath with your belly, and not with your chest, just like you do when you do yoga.

I always have a hiccup: do I need to worry?

If your hiccups are occasional you don’t need to worry. However, it can be persistent and particularly annoying. In these cases, it can be due to a disease, for example pericarditis or digestive tract problems, such as gastritis and reflux.

If you often suffer from hiccups and you can’t get rid of them with one of the above advice, you should see your doctor to run some exams. In some cases, surgery can be necessary to devitalize the phrenic nerve.

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