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High ponytail: find out how to make the best hairstyle ever!

High ponytail: find out how to make the best hairstyle ever!

Everyone loves it: a high ponytail is easy to make and perfect in any occasion!

This hairstyle is perfect both in winter and summer, other than being amazing with any outfit. Unfortunately, it has a tiny flaw: as for every look, the high ponytail it’s not suited for every face shape.

However, if you want to make it you need patience and, of course, a fashionable and strong hairtie! It has always been the star’s most loved hairstyle: for example, think about the American singer and actress Ariana Grande! How to make a trendy high ponytail? Let’s find out!

High ponytail: how to make it, and who can sport it?

When summer comes, we always think about hairstyles that can make us feel less hot. Very often, we use these very same looks in winter, too.

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Therefore, one of the most common hairstyles is a high ponytail. It easy quick to make and it is useful to highlight our face, other than our makeup! Moreover, it gives a sensual look and it’s perfect with elegant outfits too. Did you know this beloved hairstyles can also be messy?

Of course, in order to make the perfect high ponytail you need to have long hair. Let’s start by brushing it well, then choose how high you want it. Now is the time to tie your hair well with a strong tie. Fix your style with some hairspray and you are ready!

If you like a more voluminous look, you can make waves and then tie your hair in a high ponytail. This style is perfect if your face has a delicate and oval shape. In case you have a round, full or long face, if you do not want to give up on this beauty look, you can choose a messy high ponytail. In this case, do not tie all your hair, but leave some locks around your face!

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