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High white blood cells: what does it mean and how to act

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High white blood cells can indicate a whole range of problems that are important to investigate. Let’s find out the most important and how to act when altered values ​​arise.

Having high white blood cells (or high leukocytes) is always a wake-up call that can indicate various problems affecting the body. In fact, these are the organisms that imply the proper functioning of our immune system. For this reason, just like with low ones , having high leukocytes in the blood is a problem that should never be underestimated.

High white blood cells: the most common causes

When it comes to white blood cells, the values ​​to be considered correct on average are those that reach a maximum of 11,000 per microliter of blood.

test tube
test tube

When you are in the presence of a high wbc (the white blood cell count) and that exceeds these numbers it is therefore important to conduct investigations in order to understand the possible causes.
Among the best known are:

– Infections
– Anemia
– Taking medications
– Important allergic reactions
– Use of drugs
Inflammatory diseases
– Leukemia
– Tumors
– Exanthematous diseases

Obviously, you shouldn’t be alarmed at the first high parameter and immediately link the high white blood cells to leukemia or other important diseases. Often the causes are really ongoing infections or severe allergies. However, it is important to act accordingly in order to remedy and bring everything back to normal.

What to do in case of high toilets: the basic steps

Generally, leukocytosis (which is a higher than normal number of white blood cells in the blood) indicates that the body is fighting a virus or disease. It will therefore be the doctor’s duty to try to find out which one it is in order to implement the correct treatment . To do this, further investigations are obviously necessary to be evaluated also on the basis of any symptoms and problems of the patient.

Once this is done, the cause is generally continued by eliminating the most suitable therapy or treatment. Which depending on the seriousness of the situation can take some time.
However, it is essential that the organism returns to normal functioning by pausing the state of alertness in which it is found whenever there are high white blood cells in the blood values.

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