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Himalayan salt: all its beneficial properties and how to use it

Himalaya salt: all its beneficial properties and how to use it

Himalayan salt is a very refined product, pure and without toxins. Let’s see its main benefits and how to use it.

Himalayan salt is very fine, because it has very ancient origins. It is pure: it has no toxins or pollutants which normal salt usually contains. Moreover, it is rich in mineral salts, among which iron, which gives it its characteristic pink color.

This product is extracted by hand from mines in Pakistan, then worked by hand on stones. It is not refined and it is not treated with chemicals. Usually, it comes in big, irregular pink grains. Let’s see its beneficial properties and its main uses, both in our recipes or in cosmetics!

Himalayan salt: properties

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This product contains less sodium chloride than common salt. For this reason, it is highly recommended in case of hypertension and water retention. Its reduced sodium level allows to keep liquid levels under control, avoiding buildups.

Himalayan salt is very good also in case of thyroid diseases. Moreover, it has purifying, detox and toning properties, for the skin and the whole body.

Its high content of mineral salts benefits the muscles, because it reduces cramps and strengthen the bones. Finally, it also improves blood circulation, sleeping and sexual desire.

Himalayan salt: side effects

This product does not have specific side effect. Of course, even if it contains less sodium than common salt, you should eat it with great moderation.

Pink salt: uses

You can use this product instead of common salt, as a seasoning. Moreover, you can also use it in cosmetics, for example to prepare natural body scrubs. Just mix one or two tablespoons of salt with some vegetal oil. You can also use Himalayan salt for hot baths or footbaths.

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