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Hinnominate: how much the items from the collection of Belen and her brothers cost

Belen Rodriguez

Belen, Cecilia and Jeremias Rodriguez transform the common passion for fashion into an easy chic collection.

It is called Hinnominate but ironically behind this brand there are names and personalities that we know very well: Belen Rodriguez and her brothers Cecilia and Jeremias, attentive to the latest trends, influencers with enough followers to already be a guarantee of success for a loungewear collection that meets their personal taste as well as that of the mix and match loved by celebrities.

So Dream Project spa, a solid fashion reality that supports new generation brands, realizes the dream of the Rodriguez brothers, who after individual experiences have decided to join forces and passions to tell through clothing their idea of ​​charm and comfort to wear every day.

Hinnominate: the Rodriguez brand offers a loungewear line with an international style

In fact, the Hinnominate collection is inspired by the passion of American stars to mix very comfortable garments such as sweatshirts, oversized coats and jackets, tracksuits and tech clothing, with accessories or as many designer and more refined garments, so as to experience free time in a mix of comfort and elegance. In fact, at first glance, the collection immediately makes us think of the casual chic style that goes wild on Instagram, and often proposed by Rodriguez themselves.

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The #streetcouture that inaugurated the fall / winter 2021 collection suggests the destination of this collection: easy chic clothing to wear in your free time and to mix with garments from the most diverse genres to customize your look. All of course with a Made in Italy touch: “The fabrics are Italian and the proposals are almost all Made in Italy. We are proud of this choice which is a guarantee of quality, you earn a little less but we are able to offer a product that lasts over time ” , explained Belen.

Where to buy the Rodriguez collection and how much it costs

Hinnominate, which has just presented the winter collection which includes clothing for men and women, can be purchased online on the brand’s official website . The colors proposed for the season are delicate, light, inspired by the earth : sweatshirts, trousers and leggings, jackets – including the long oversize and super-complete model which is undoubtedly the highlight of the collection – but also accessories.

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Prices start at 50 euros for the simplest sweatshirts, in tie-dye or with the brand logo, up to 89 euros for the longer models with the most sought-after colors, 279 euros for the oversized jacket also available with a hood. , while the pants start at 79 euros, 35 euros instead for leggings. A variety of prices that tries to please pockets as well as everyone’s tastes.

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